Breakthrough World Exclusive!!

Digital Done Wrong

Playback Reconstruction Accuracy

by Digital Claiming Superior Time

Domain Response (including MQA)

Master Guide to Home Video

     Performance Factors to Look For

     Picking the Best Displays

Home Theater Surround Sound

Arcam AVR600 Receiver

Arcam DV27A DVD Player and AV8 Preamp Processor

Adcom GFA-7807 Amplifier, GDV-850 DVD Player, GTP-880 Processor

  Arcam AVR300 Surround Receiver

  McCormack UDP-1 Universal Player

  Arcam AVR350 Surround Receiver

  McIntosh MX-119/135 Processor



     CDs, DVDs, etc.

     The Thrill of Catching Live Miracles

     Reference Recordings is Back!

Power Amplifiers

     Introductory Comments

  Push-Pull Tube Power Amps

    Audio Research VTM200

    Cary Rocket 88

    VAC Phi 70

    VAC Avatar & Super, Integrated Amp

    VTL Siegfried

  Single Ended Tube Power Amps

    Harmonix Reimyo PAT-777

    de Havilland Aries 845 & 572

  Solid State Power Amps

    McCormack DNA-500

    Clayton Audio S40 / M100 / S2000

    Sim Moon P-5 and W-5

    Solid State Amp Comparisons

  Home Theater Power Amps

    McCormack DNA-HT5

    Plinius Odeon

    Fosgate Audionics FAA 1000.5

Large Speaker Systems

    VMPS RM 40

    Osborn Grand Monument Reference

Medium Speaker Systems

    Hyperion HPS-968

    Alon Exotica

    Alon Lotus Elite Signature

    Red Rose Classic Ribbon

    Verity Tamino X2, Rocco Subwoofer

    NHT Evolution

Compact Speaker Systems

    Avantgarde Solo

    Reference 3a Dulcet


    Alon Thunderbolt

    The ONLY Subwoofer


    Rockport Sirius III

Phono Cartridges

    Magic Diamond Blue


    Von Gaylord Legend VI Interconnect

    Von Gaylord Chinchilla Interconnect

    Maple Audio Works

Digital Playback

    Digital System Wars

    Digital System Wars, part 2

    Digital System Wars, part 3

    dcs Purcell Upsampler

    Audio Aero Capitole CD Player

    Background Analysis

    Improving CD Sound

Parallel Passions

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International Audio/Video Review

Issues # 80+

Reference Room 1: Ballroom of Castle

35 x 25 x 17 ft (masonry walls, wood floor, wood cathedral ceiling).

ASC Tube Traps (circles) around entire perimeter; tapestries and rugs on walls.

Four 9 x 12 rugs align area with hot seat (which is off center in both axes).

Speaker angles subject to variation, to optimize imaging of different speakers.

Reference Room 2: Dining Hall of Castle

40 x 20 x 14 ft (masonry walls and ceiling [coffered], inlaid onyx floor).

ASC Tube Traps (circles) around perimeter; tapestries and rugs on walls.

Speaker angles subject to change, to optimize imaging of different speakers.